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Living Community: Insight from L'Arche is a Course

Living Community: Insight from L'Arche

Feb 27 - Apr 16, 2019

$50 Enroll

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6-Week Course


How can the embrace of human vulnerability lead us towards relationships of communion? What spiritual transformations come about when we begin to recognize insecurity and powerlessness as fundamental aspects of being human? Jean Vanier and the communities of L’Arche that he founded, people with and without disabilities living side-by-side as family, offer a sign to the world that such questions can lead us along a “way of the heart” towards a deeper encounter with one another and with God. This course examines some fundamental principles of the wisdom that Vanier and L’Arche have discovered and invites the participant to engage the transformative power of vulnerability in their own communities.

All STM Online: Crossroads courses include these features

  • Participants have access 24 hours/7 days a week to the course's password-protected web site.
  • Each participant belongs to a small Community for Conversation and faith sharing guided by a facilitator.
  • The course site is usually available to participants at least three months after the course has ended.
  • An orientation in how to navigate the web site is always available.
  • Technical assistance is easy to contact and prompt in returning a message.
  • A Certificate of Active Participation is awarded to those who post at least three messages of substance for each week of content.

Additional Materials Needed

Jean Vanier. Becoming Human. Paulist Press; 2 edition. 2008
ISBN-10: 0809145871; ISBN-13: 978-0809145874

Time Commitment

A participant can expect to spend an average of approximately 3-4 hours each week. This commitment includes both the assigned reading and interaction online.

Jean Vanier with another member of the L'Arche community